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Author Natasha House

I’m a bit obsessed.

I can’t seem to stop writing no matter what I do. Stories. Worlds. People. They talk to me, expecting me to write them. So, here I am, listening to the voices in my head. They call me a writer.

I write whatever pops in my head

Writing is like watching T.V. for me. It’s an adventure. I am a Doctor Who fan, I love mochas, and always been one to like the weird and the strange. These are the books that have emerged from my brain.

Rebirth of the Prophesy Series


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“Hundreds of years into our future, blue- skinned aliens have conquered Earth and enslaved the human race.” -Amazon Reviewer
” It is an intriguing story about a dystopian future where aliens known as Citizens rule the planet, enslaving humans as they see fit.” -Amazon Reviewer

There will be one. One who rises above them all. A man of valor and great strength who will free us from the fall…

Ever since Jonathan was a child, the prophesy has haunted him. He longs to find the one who will free the human race. When aliens rain death—destruction—and fear upon his village, he is forced into a life of slavery.

Zahara’s entire world shatters when her village is raided, and she is sold to an alien mistress. Beyond hope, she finds love with the handsome, red-haired, determined Jonathan.
When peril arises, the two must flee, but where will they go in a city full of aliens? Will they escape? Will they unlock the mysteries of the ancient prophesy?

final book two

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There will be one. One who rises above them all… Or so the prophecy foretells.

Threatened, degraded, his humanity ripped away, Lend is forced into slavery. He never expected to fall for the feisty, redheaded alien, Lila.

Citizens are aliens, they don’t feel. The problem is Lila does, and she is tempted by her handsome, dark-haired, brooding slave, Lend.
But love between Citizens and humans is forbidden. His life on the line, Lend must flee, colliding straight into a force that may be the salvation of the planet.
Is he the one who will rise above them all?

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Zara is not your typical princess

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Zara is your typical fairy tale princess, blonde, gorgeous, and awaiting Prince Charming.

Except for one thing.

She’s been cursed with super powers.
You’d think flying fast and being strong would make her life perfect.
Except Zara never seems to fit in at her preppy school.
When new kid, Gunner, enrolls, she finds him to be the opposite of everyone.
Monsters constantly ruin Zara’s social life, claiming that a mysterious thief is stealing powerful eggs.

Who is stealing these magical items and why? It’s up to Zara to find out.

A middle grade adventure that will leave you laughing!

Grace Alive Series

ebook (2)

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If you love clean and wholesome heartwarming reads that have a happily-ever-after mixed with inspirational real-life faith, you will love this emotional, romantic series.

“GRACE ALIVE is a nice, sweet romance. It’s the kind of book you like to read while cuddled under a blanket.”-Amazon reviewer

Life is full of surprises when you’re a pastor’s daughter.

Inwardly sarcastic, 26, unmarried, and still living with her parents, Zoe works at a lame craft store.
Waiting for Mr. Right, yet having never been on a date, let alone kissed a man, she wonders if he will ever come.

When all hope seems lost, Branson Tate, a drop-dead gorgeous man, and his adorable three kids suddenly stumble into her life. Zoe’s dad, the pastor of the largest church in Michigan, proclaims God spoke to him who her future husband is. Faced with confusion, Zoe must make a heart-wrenching choice. Be with the sleazy, perfect, rich, Christian man her father wants for her or choose Branson, a man who’s made sinful choices?

ebook2 (1)

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Life is full of painful choices when you’re 17-years-old.

Shy, dark-haired, and a devout Christian, Clare Olsen has the ability to puke at a moment’s notice. When blond-haired, handsome, Dillon Jackson moves to town, her fairy-tale begins in a whirlwind.

Everything was picture perfect for a while.

Tortured by his older brother, Dillon runs off. A decision, forged from her boyfriend’s pain, throws them both down a haunting path. Shamed and disgraced, how will Clare face the choices she’s up against, and can she ever heal from the wounds?

This is a must-read for any teenager (especially girls) to help them understand how critical decisions made can affect one for the rest of his/her life.”-Amazon Reviewer



Do you struggle with writing?

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Do you struggle to write your book?

Do you delete endless stories, because you’re too frustrated to continue anymore?
Do you ever want to quit writing?
How to Keep Writing Your Book will address these questions.
If you need encouraged in your dream of being an author, need helpful tips, or an
uplifting read, then you are holding the right book.

My alias name

ebook (1)

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In Your Voice Your Choice, Z.Z. Rae churns up the wild beating heart of every woman. She pulls you through some of her own struggles and speaks right to your passion, gift, and voice. You’ll feel a burning inside your heart as she calls you out of the ashes of your past and helps you embrace your own sense of self-worth. The one thing holding you back is: YOU. Grab hold of this tool to encourage yourself and strengthen your love for your own unique, beautiful gift on Earth. Stand up and shout from the mountaintop: MY VOICE IS MY CHOICE.

Make sure you grab the FREE GIFT at the end of the book to ensure you get Z.Z’s Rae’s 30-Days of Inspiration
Your Voice Your Choice
The Value of Every Woman


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Do you struggle in the area of wealth? Have you felt frustrated?
In Angel Guidance for Wealth, the angels speak directly to you. They breathe on the pages their helpful advice, love, and wisdom. In this book, you will hear from multiple angels—they are always at our side to help us. Open up your heart, to the love of your angels, and walk free.

Excerpt: Angel Chamuel
Blockages can create bumps in your path of abundance. The more blocks, the more bumps. People can uncover blocks by asking questions of themselves. What is stopping me from receiving help? It can come in many forms. Fear. Failure. Doubt. Not knowing how. Not feeling deserving.
Little blockages can even stop the flow. The bigger the pipe, or belief system, the easier the flow. The big blocks need dealt with first, but even small ones will mess up the flow of life. Worry damages the flow. It’s like denting a pipe—the flow has to work harder to actually come through. Prayers are like this. So, when you pray, “Angels, help me have money.” It helps un-dent the pipe. But, remember it takes time to repair a damaged pipe. You must treat yourself with love and patience to flow again. Don’t re-dent the issue once you ask. Keep your focus on the fact you have it.
Sit in it. Grasp it. Put a picture on your wall. Look at it, and smile like it’s in the mail coming. When you purchase something on-line, you know it’s shipped and coming. Just because it takes time, you don’t get upset, because you already know it’s yours. That’s how prayer works. You ask and it’s shipped! It’s on the way! Wealth is already shipped. New jobs or whatever you need.


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