Love Between the Pages


I was sitting here tonight and God started talking to me about my writing and said, “There’s love between the pages.”

When you pour love into ANYTHING it becomes alive.

As a writer you pour love into your story, your characters. Real, raw emotion that makes people believe that these characters are real. Because they are. In you.

As writers, we have this amazing ability to create. We are made in the image and likeness of God because He is the ultimate creator. God whispered to me one day, “You’re like me. You love to create things.”

It’s true.

I’ve always loved creating something. Whether it be mud pies, make believe, or pictures. I’ve been what I call a random ‘crafter’, but when I discovered writing, it struck home. I knew this is what I love. This is what I’ll create with my Creator supporting me in it.

  • I’m telling you right now you were born to create.

Whether it be music, art, stories, beautiful food, or creating a safe place for your family. You are made in the image of Creator God. I know it thrills Daddy God when we create, that’s why He supports me in my writing. He encourages me, backs me up, and tells me KEEP GOING! Because His heart is for me to create something.


If you are a painter, a writer, or something else you know that you literally pour your love into that thing you are creating. That’s why most artist have a hard time when you beat on their creation, because their heart is attached to it. Every day pour love into the thing God has called you to do.

  • Everybody has a different piece of the puzzle of the Kingdom of God. We were ALL created to create.

If you don’t know what you are called to do ask the Creator Himself!

Let love pour between the pages.

Remember to Think Sweet!

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final book two

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There will be one. One who rises above them all… Or so the prophecy foretells.

Threatened, degraded, his humanity ripped away, Lend is forced into slavery. He never expected to fall for the feisty, redheaded alien, Lila.

Citizens are aliens, they don’t feel. The problem is Lila does, and she is tempted by her handsome, dark-haired, brooding slave, Lend.
But love between Citizens and humans is forbidden. His life on the line, Lend must flee, colliding straight into a force that may be the salvation of the planet.
Is he the one who will rise above them all?


My Tip Monday: Editing #amediting #blogging #Writingtips

Since I am smack dab in the middle of editing 4 books at the same time, I figured a blog post about it, would be just right! So, you officially finished your rough draft! Congratulations! You just finished the fun part of writing a book!


You have the official writer’s “high” going on right now. Nothing can get you down! Your next step into actually publishing your novel is the dreaded word all us authors loathe.



Unfortunately, I wish editing was as easy as clicking spell check. Here’s a few tips for your editing process.

  • Fill in the blanks.

If you’re like me, you do a quick rough draft and put the main story down on paper. When I go through my book again, I fill in scenes that I may have rushed through. There is also times when you need to take something out instead of filling it in.

  •  Re-read for story-line issues.

This part of editing isn’t so bad, I will make sure characters are where they should be, or that I didn’t suddenly transform my main guy into a main girl.


Why is he wearing lipstick?

These little issues will slap a reader in the face if you don’t find them. Watch for consistency in your story, make sure your characters all have the same name(watch for spelling), hair color, eye color, or whatever. These can be easy to miss!

  • Look for grammar mistakes and sentence flow.

When I go through my book again, I get a bit more tedious with the editing. I read slower for this step. Don’t be afraid to take an entire week on 50 pages. That’s normally how slow I go! If you stumble while reading, fix the sentence, because your reader will stumble too! Make lines smoother than a baby’s butt!f_390e4eec86

  • Read it out loud.

I luckily have a Kindle that reads to me for this stage, but if you don’t have one, read your book out loud. You’d be shocked at how many errors you find!

Good Luck on your editing! Remember, you’re that much closer to publishing your book!


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1 Beauty of courting


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Natasha House is the author of Grace Alive, a modern day Christian romance novel where Zoe, a pastor’s daughter faces a giant challenge with the topic of courting. If you enjoy Christian romance, with humor, drama, and passion, then pick up your copy here.

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Meet Zoe Reed

She is 26, unmarried, and still living with her parents. Working at a lame craft store, she feels like her life has become one giant disappointment.
Waiting for Mr. Right, yet having never been on a date, let alone kissed a man, she wonders if he will ever come.

Then she meets Branson Tate

The handsome man and his three kids stumble into her life, and she finds him to be polar opposite of what her parents have always wanted for her.
But when Zoe’s dad, the pastor of the largest church in Michigan, says God spoke to him who her husband is, she’s faced with a choice.
Is her father hearing God or is she?