Inspiration and Angel Guidance by Z.Z. Rae

Under my new author name Z.Z. Rae, I have written several books that I want to share with you. It is in my heart to open people’s hearts to Father and His angels. I love to bring healing to others, and I hope you receive the guidance from the angels.


Do you struggle in the area of wealth? Have you felt frustrated?
In Angel Guidance for Wealth, the angels speak directly to you. They breathe on the pages their helpful advice, love, and wisdom. In this book, you will hear from multiple angels—they are always at our side to help us. Open up your heart, to the love of your angels, and walk free.

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Have you often wondered what your dreams mean? Do you struggle with getting a peaceful night’s rest?
In Angel Guidance for Dreams, the angels give you their insight into the world of your subconscious. They lovingly give you their guidance and help for getting more fulfilling sleep and understanding your dreams. Step into the world of angels and receive their love.

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In Your Voice Your Choice, Z.Z. Rae churns up the wild beating heart of every woman. She pulls you through some of her own struggles and speaks right to your passion, gift, and voice. You’ll feel a burning inside your heart as she calls you out of the ashes of your past and helps you embrace your own sense of self-worth. The one thing holding you back is: YOU. Grab hold of this tool to encourage yourself and strengthen your love for your own unique, beautiful gift on Earth. Stand up and shout from the mountaintop: MY VOICE IS MY CHOICE.

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Your Voice Your Choice
The Value of Every Woman

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