3 Tips to Accept Your Emotions #loveyourself #angelguidance


Tip 1. Your emotions are never wrong

So, many times as kids we are taught that certain emotions are wrong, so we feel condemned for ‘feeling’ certain things. Your emotions aren’t wrong, and when you understand that, it’s the first step to healing.

Tip 2. Accept your emotions

Accepting the fact that someone hurt you, made you angry, or you’re feeling overwhelmed, is a key to bringing healing in that area. When we deny our own feelings, we are denying a part of ourselves. So, accept them.

Tip 3. Love Your Emotions

When you love yourself, despite having feelings of anger, pain, loss, or anything else negative, it takes the pain out of those feelings. Tell yourself, “I love you, despite these painful feelings.” Talk to your body, talk to your mind, and see a liquid, pink love flowing over you.

Thank you for reading. I pray that you are healed, healthy, and feel loved every day!


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Have a beautiful day!




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