Let Go of Failures #angels #Mondaymotivation #angelguidance

Angel Guidance for wealth 6

Happy Monday!

Open up your heart to the angels today, because they long to bless you! I want to give you a fresh message for your Monday.

Angel Chamuel

Today is a new day for you. You must put aside all the failures from the past, because they were lessons. Treat them as such. Don’t stress about all the ups and downs you’ve been through in the past. Reach for a better-feeling today.

Meditation: Close your eyes, and see a beautiful pink light starting at your head and flowing down. It’s flowing into your heart and circling, healing all the pain of your past failures. Now, it’s flowing down again into your stomach, removing all the guilt, shame, and fear. The pink light is traveling until it reaches your legs and goes all the way out your toes. You are cleansed from all fear of the past.

Have a beautiful Monday!


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