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The World of Angels.

I began a journal a couple months ago, and I began to ask God for advice from Himself and angels, concerning wealth. In my brand new book, Angel Guidance for Wealth, I wrote a collection of everything I heard. I’m really excited to share with you the love and guidance of these angels. Here is an expert from my new book.

Excerpt: Angel Chamuel

Blockages can create bumps in your path of abundance. The more blocks, the more bumps. People can uncover blocks by asking questions of themselves. What is stopping me from receiving help? It can come in many forms. Fear. Failure. Doubt. Not knowing how. Not feeling deserving.

Little blockages can even stop the flow. The bigger the pipe, or belief system, the easier the flow. The big blocks need dealt with first, but even small ones will mess up the flow of life. Worry damages the flow. It’s like denting a pipe—the flow has to work harder to actually come through. Prayers are like this. So, when you pray, “Angels, help me have money.” It helps un-dent the pipe. But, remember it takes time to repair a damaged pipe. You must treat yourself with love and patience to flow again. Don’t re-dent the issue once you ask. Keep your focus on the fact you have it.

Sit in it. Grasp it. Put a picture on your wall. Look at it, and smile like it’s in the mail coming. When you purchase something on-line, you know it’s shipped and coming. Just because it takes time, you don’t get upset, because you already know it’s yours. That’s how prayer works. You ask and it’s shipped! It’s on the way! Wealth is already shipped. New jobs or whatever you need.

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