Your Voice Your Choice (The Value of Every Woman) #selfhelp #value

Today I embarked on a brand new adventure with writing. Non-fiction. Eeeks! A burning has started inside of me to help people and to give them tools in which to bring healing.

I hope you will check out my brand new release: Your Voice Your Choice (The Value of Every Woman)

Here’s a Sample from the first Chapter!

There is a world of ever-changing beauty inside of you. It’s not lost. It’s not caught away in a whirlwind. Beauty isn’t a set code or style. Beauty is a little girl laughing—dancing—letting herself be free. We crave freedom every day of our lives. What is the cage we feel pressed up against our fluttering hearts? I know you feel it too—this longing to spread your wings. To catch the wind and soar. To see the crystal rivers below you and the sunset splashing oranges and reds across the valley.

We ache to be us. We ache to be passionate and free. To fly without fear of hitting the ground. Every one of us was born to love, be loved, and to experience the best life possible. You feel the stir inside of you. Something is calling you out of where you’ve been—to rise into your rightful place.


Click >>>>Your Voice Your Choice

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30-Days of Inspiration
Your Voice Your Choice
The Value of Every Woman


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