5 Ways to say “I Love You.”

I Love You.

Those three simple words have so much power, but what are some ways we can say it? Here’s a few tips!

1. Be there.

Sometimes all we need is someone there when we’re going through a hard time. A hand holding yours when you’re hurting. Someone to squeal with you when you accomplish a goal. Being there for someone is one of the strongest ways to say, “I Love You.”

2. Dance without Music

Grabbing that one you love and dancing with no music at all, can shout, “I love you!” Spontaneous dance always makes you feel closer, and will definitely bring a smile to both your faces.

3. Knowing when to talk and when to listen

Sometimes we just need to vent. When something has got us down, we need that ear to listen, and in doing that it can say, “I love you.” But, if your man or woman needs a word to lift them up, make sure you offer that encouragement.

4. Being Silly

Not taking every little thing so serious can scream, “I love you!” Telling them that everything is going to be okay in the morning, watching cat videos, hilarious posts, or listening to a stupid song can always lighten the mood. Laughing together always makes me feel loved.

5. Kisses for no reason

Everyone loves a good dipped kiss. Sweep up your man or woman and dip them into an extravagant kiss. A kiss can bring a bad mood right into a good mood. After a long day, pulling the one you love close and giving a tender kiss can really lighten the mood and whisper, “I love you.”

Remember to Think Sweet!

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