Love Between the Pages


I was sitting here tonight and God started talking to me about my writing and said, “There’s love between the pages.”

When you pour love into ANYTHING it becomes alive.

As a writer you pour love into your story, your characters. Real, raw emotion that makes people believe that these characters are real. Because they are. In you.

As writers, we have this amazing ability to create. We are made in the image and likeness of God because He is the ultimate creator. God whispered to me one day, “You’re like me. You love to create things.”

It’s true.

I’ve always loved creating something. Whether it be mud pies, make believe, or pictures. I’ve been what I call a random ‘crafter’, but when I discovered writing, it struck home. I knew this is what I love. This is what I’ll create with my Creator supporting me in it.

  • I’m telling you right now you were born to create.

Whether it be music, art, stories, beautiful food, or creating a safe place for your family. You are made in the image of Creator God. I know it thrills Daddy God when we create, that’s why He supports me in my writing. He encourages me, backs me up, and tells me KEEP GOING! Because His heart is for me to create something.


If you are a painter, a writer, or something else you know that you literally pour your love into that thing you are creating. That’s why most artist have a hard time when you beat on their creation, because their heart is attached to it. Every day pour love into the thing God has called you to do.

  • Everybody has a different piece of the puzzle of the Kingdom of God. We were ALL created to create.

If you don’t know what you are called to do ask the Creator Himself!

Let love pour between the pages.

Remember to Think Sweet!

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Ever since a child, the prophesy has haunted Jonathan.

When aliens rain death upon his village, he is forced into slavery.

Zahara’s entire world shatters. Beyond hope, she finds love with the sexy Jonathan.

When peril arises, the two must flee. Will they unlock the mysteries of the prophesy?


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final book two

***Revised Edition***
There will be one. One who rises above them all… Or so the prophecy foretells.

Threatened, degraded, his humanity ripped away, Lend is forced into slavery. He never expected to fall for the feisty, redheaded alien, Lila.

Citizens are aliens, they don’t feel. The problem is Lila does, and she is tempted by her handsome, dark-haired, brooding slave, Lend.
But love between Citizens and humans is forbidden. His life on the line, Lend must flee, colliding straight into a force that may be the salvation of the planet.
Is he the one who will rise above them all?


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