The Unedited Life

Face it we all edit. 




We edit what we wear. We edit what we do. We edit what we say.

Every single day we have what we call a “filter”. You also know when someone DOESN’T have one. We’ve all met those people who make us blush three shades of red, or even worse make us so angry we turn three shades of red, green, and purple!

We call them RUDE. BLUNT. Among other names.

That’s not really what this post is about. We edit some stuff out we should leave unfiltered.

Instead, we make excuses like

1. I don’t have time.

That is a huge one! The one thing I know as a writer is I DON’T HAVE TIME to write. But why do I? Because its my passion. Here’s a secret: you make time for what’s important to you. Don’t filter out your passions or dreams. You’ll regret it.

2. That’s embarrassing

So many things make us uncomfortable. Saying something really sweet to someone. Standing in front of a crowd and making a speech. Going out of our way to do something God told us to do years ago.

3. I’m not motivated.

I swear I hear this one the most. What IS motivation? Most the time motivation comes from having dreaming and goals. If you have no motivation you have to discover who you are. What makes you excited about life? If you don’t know, that’s okay, start trying stuff!

We edit the good and bad out sometimes. One thing I’ve learned with following God is just DO IT. I used to get worked up and freaked out when He’d tell me to do something. Now I’m like, “Alright. Let’s see what happens.”

In fact.

It’s fun.

Don’t edit everything out of your life. Live. Make mistakes. Do something crazy. You can always pass your script to an editor tomorrow to clean up your grammar mess.

Remember to Think Sweet!

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final book two

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There will be one. One who rises above them all… Or so the prophecy foretells.

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Citizens are aliens, they don’t feel. The problem is Lila does, and she is tempted by her handsome, dark-haired, brooding slave, Lend.
But love between Citizens and humans is forbidden. His life on the line, Lend must flee, colliding straight into a force that may be the salvation of the planet.
Is he the one who will rise above them all?


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