Life is like a Redraft


So, lately I’ve been re-writing one of my old novels and creating more of a connection with “one” character instead of fifty thousand. Then this thought hits me. Life is like a redraft.

Why do I say that?

Well, you get this basic story that you write down in your head. You plan something out, you have a vague notion of where you want to go with a book. Sounds a lot like life doesn’t it?

Then you hit the redraft.

You realize there are pieces missing, or things are choppy, or there’s no connection with things/people in your life. The redraft becomes much more challenging.

Life can hit you with that redraft, where before the story was exciting, now it feels like a chore. You’re not sure if you should take road A. or road B. with your life/story, and you realize that one decision could make or break everything.

Whenever I hit the redraft in any book I’m writing I have a love/hate relationship with it.

1. I love it because that means the story is getting closer to being released.

2. I hate it because I need time and energy to think what to add or delete.

3. I love it because I see things progress.

4. I hate it because sometimes I get stuck on a single paragraph.

Sound like life? Yeah!

Sometimes we stare at the same problem over and over and wonder how to fix it. How can we delete this scene without causing the other scenes to fall apart? Should we move? Should we stay? Should we go to college? Should we focus on a relationship?

All these questions follow us around, bugging us. It takes energy to redraft your life. I know people who when it comes to the redraft get discouraged (writing and life) and sometimes they just choose to ignore it all together. Put it on the shelf.


One problem though.

Your story will never be told if you sit it on the shelf and ignore it. (I’m talking about life and writing in one here.)

Don’t get so hung up on a problem (or a paragraph) that it kills all motivation for you to progress with your story in life.

Sometimes in order for something to work you HAVE to plunge ahead, even if you face the aftermath of bad reviews (critical people who thought you messed everything up) But sometimes without those “bad” reviews we don’t learn what NOT to do.

How have I learned?

I’ve learned in life to do what I love. JUST DO IT. Stop waiting around for someone else to do it for you, or saying to yourself non-stop ‘I have no motivation.’ The number one reason why you haven’t moved forward is you are stuck on the redraft! Move forward, make mistakes, do something you may later say was stupid. But that’s life!

Life is about choices.

If you make none how will you ever finish the story God has intended for you? The Holy Spirit is our Helper! Ask Him to help you fine tune your story in life, ask for tips, give Him something to work with.

If you have a gift don’t say, ‘I have no motivation’ ask the Holy Spirit who gave you the gift to GIVE You motivation.

Redraft and move forward!

Remember to Think Sweet!

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