5 Romantic Movies that won’t make Him Gag: Hint (Except maybe one)

Every girl loves a chick flick, but what about your man?

Here’s a few movies that won’t make him gag!

1. Date Night

By far one of the most hilarious romantic comedies ever! My husband and I still talk about this movie.

2. The Princess Bride

If you have not watched this movie shame on you! J/k, but seriously, what is wrong with you? This is a good one to cuddle up with, laugh at, and share the romance with your man.

3. Twilight

Don’t kill me for suggesting this one just yet! Twilight, is yes, Twilight, but the obsession of love in this movie always puts me in a romantic mood, plus I saw my hubby peeking at it quite a few times. If you can’t watch it seriously, make fun of it and bond about how much you’re obsessed with each other. (Okay most guys will gag at Twilight…hahaha, and my hubby is probably going to kill me later.)

4. The Lake House

The Lake House has such an interesting concept, I’m sure both of you will enjoy this one!

5. Sweet Home Alabama

This sassy movie is full of heart-wrenching moments but won’t be a bore! Hogtie your man and get him to watch this with you!

I hope you guys enjoyed my list! Happy Watching!

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Is her father hearing God or is she?


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