Happy Easter! How NOT to grow up.

As you grow older, the magic around the holidays feels like it grows stale. When you’re a kid you seriously freak out over sugar. You wake up Easter morning and you run around trying to find the gallons of candy your parents threw in a basket for you.

And you eat everything.

I’ve learned that as I grow older I have to fight to enjoy the holidays. There isn’t that excitement when I wake up, a mystery to discover, candy to consume.


You can become like that cat up above…grumpy…old. The thing to remember is not to grow up just yet. Hold to the mystery.

  • Find joy in little stuff around the holiday seasons.
  • Find joy in watching others’ joy.

One thing I love is watching my nieces and nephews freak out about stuff. You can give a kid a $1, and they will dance around the room for an hour.

Why do we stop being thankful for the small stuff?

We tend to grow up and realize that the little stuff it just that, LITTLE STUFF. But, when we keep a happy, thankful attitude about even a $1 we keep our hearts open and joyful like a child.

As you travel around, put on those cute Easter dresses, and wear a tie that’s been in the closet for a year, remember to be happy about the little stuff!

Eat a chocolate bunny too.

Happy Easter!!!!


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