21 Day Brain Detox: I Can, I Have, I Will Do

Day 3-4

I hope you guys are following along with your own personal brain detox as I write these blog posts. I slacked a few days, so I’m making up for it with this post!

 If you’re unsure what a “brain detox” is just check out day 2 of mine, and I explain it.

  •  My brain detox I’m focusing on is: I can leave my retail job and do what I love doing.

When you’re doing the brain detox, you’re going to come up against a lot of

  • I don’t
  • I won’t
  • I can’t
  • I never

Those negatives come at each of us. When you go for the root of the problem, a whole lot of gunk comes up along the way.


Even on day 4, I could feel this sticky yuck in my head that was still unbelieving. The roots of our lie can be so strong, that it can take a bit of effort to get these things to die.

 Doctor Caroline Leaf says it’s like a tree with a bunch of branches.

 The stronger the toxic thought, the more the branches. So something that’s been there for awhile, may feel like more work for you.


A few things I wrote down on day 3 was:

  • No fear
  • I can
  • I shall
  • I have
  • I will do

Fear will Always Destroy your Crops

In Doc. Caroline Leaf’s studies she said that fear is not natural for us. We are naturally made for LOVE. We learn fear.


Have Joy in the Now.

Not “one day”. But now! Sometimes we look at things as “one day” but we don’t really choose to live in that joy, peace, and abundance right now.

It’s almost like we give ourselves a cop out.

  • You can be miserable right now.
  • Be mad at that person.
  • One day you’ll forgive them.

But what is that doing to us? If you read Switch on your Brain or the Gift in You, you’ll see that not dealing with it right then and there is very toxic. Deal with your negative emotions as they HAPPEN.


I’ll be real open with you guys and tell you a thought that popped in my head last night before I went to bed. This thought has come up quite a few times, and it feels tied to so many others.

I feel like I don’t get the things I want or desire.

Sometimes people say things to me that “trigger” an emotional response later on. Someone said something to me and that same negative thought popped up, and I was fighting back my emotion.

  •   The Holy Spirit then asked me, “Do you want to know why you have that thought?”

Of course we always say “yes” but then sometimes inside we are more like…”ugh…..no….”

We don’t Wanna Deal with our Gunk in our Heads.


So, God brings up a memory of mine and says, “You really wanted a Barbie jeep when you were little, really bad, and you saw others get what you wanted, but you never got it.” Then He told me, “I want to give you what you desire.”


When I was around 12 or so, a little girl I knew had one. I remember feeling sad that when I was little I never got one. Again the feelings came up, when my younger siblings got one, but by now I was all grown up.

  • Parents obviously can’t give their kids every single thing they want, but for some reason this event drove a lie in my heart that God didn’t want to give me what I desire, and that others would always get what I love and desire.

I have seen this lie in my life over and over.

 What lies are popping up in your head, in your life, in your family, in your marriage? Are you finding the root of those? Are you combating them with the truth of the Word of God?

  • As an “active reach” God showed me getting a Barbie jeep for my birthday and me and my little brother riding around in it.


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2 thoughts on “21 Day Brain Detox: I Can, I Have, I Will Do

  1. Hi, did you document the rest of y I r 21 day brain detox? I have read the book and I’m wanting to do the detox, but I’m having so much trouble understanding the steps in the book. They are so unclear with no examples. Your posts help to bring to light some clarity. Thanks!


    • I just saw this comment! I have finished it a long time ago. The steps were a bit crazy in the book. I got the app for my phone, and it works a lot better! Though, I’ve been learning a new method called: psych k that I feel is much easier and faster. I want to learn more about it, but I was taught a basic method of it. It seemed to help remove some negative beliefs.


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