21 Day Brain Detox: Day 2 (How to Do the Brain Detox)

Day 2

So, I started a new brain detox yesterday and decided that I’m going to try to blog about each day. Today I did my best to keep up with the detox (active reaches throughout the day) which I’ll try to explain how to do in this post.


My negative thought I’m trying to get rid of is, I can’t get out of my retail job because of:

  1. Lack of time and energy
  2. Lack of money
  3. Lack of How-to

If you read my other blog post I talked about what God showed me about the car. Today, I laid down in bed, feeling quite exhausted and did the detox. I listened to see what God would tell me today.


 How to Do the 21 Day Brain Detox.
  1. Gather (This is the step where you become aware of what you are thinking and thoughts that are flitting in and out of your head.)
  2. Reflection (This is where you pinpoint a negative thought that came up during the gather stage and choose to work on that thought. You realize this is a “toxic” thought and I want to change it.)
  3. Write (Grab a journal for your detox and start writing whatever pops in your head. You can draw, you can write random words, literally whatever comes in your mind write it down. You want to write a solution for the bad thought as well.).
  4.  Revisit (Read what you wrote and look and see how you can make changes. Start thinking of how you can move out of this negative thought. Work on the “healthy” thought that you want instead of the toxic one.)
  5. Active Reach (Use your imagination for this part, and see the end result of what you desire, get a scripture and bring that into your mind. See Jesus as the solution to the problem, or Him helping you with it etc.)


Yesterday, God showed me that I had this powerful car, and I felt as if I had no gas, no key, and no map. Then He told me to get in the car, showed me that the tank was full, and I had a GPS with my destination, and I was pulling out of the driveway.


That is my “active reach” so I imagine that over and over throughout the day, plus my scripture I’m standing on which is: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.


Using scripture is extremely powerful with a brain detox. You don’t need 57 scriptures, just do one or two.

Back to today

I lay down and did the brain detox, then I asked the Holy Spirit if He wanted to add anything to what I wrote. He told me, “Expect a harvest from every seed you have sown.”


He told me that I wasn’t expecting Him to give me anything from all the seed I’ve sown throughout my life.

At church last week, He showed me:

  • There is fruit just “waiting” for me to pick.
  • I have to believe that it was mine.
  • I need to receive that fruit from the seed I’ve sown.

I know that God is a giver. I know that God is a good Daddy, but I’ve struggled with this “receiving” thing forever. I know He will take care of me, but I’ve never viewed Him as a LAVISH giver.

God loves to blow our minds.

I encourage you to do this brain detox with me, whatever it is that you want to work on, allow the Holy Spirit to help you! He is our HELPER.


God told me yesterday, “I don’t want you to beg Me to help you. I’m the helper, that’s my job.”

  • When you struggle with seeing fruit, its because you’re not receiving it. You get a lie that digs into your heart that God doesn’t want to help, that He doesn’t want to bless, and you get stuck with no gas in your car.
Our mind stops up stuff.

Receive the fruit that’s just waiting for you.


Remember to Think Sweet!

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