5 Tips for Relationships

Whether you’re married or unmarried it’s always good to get tips on relationships. So here’s a few that popped in my noggin!

Tip #1: Don’t be a hater

photo-1-1If your friend, sibling, or significant other comes to you with a problem, don’t laugh at them or tell them to grow up. Empathize. Just because it’s not important to YOU, doesn’t mean it’s not important. Try to actually understand them. They will love you for it.

Tip #2 Listen

If you actually set your smart phone down for five seconds and listen to what someone is saying, you’d be surprised how your relationship will improve. Cause in the end, is your smartphone going to kiss you goodnight? Don’t think so.

Tip #3 Do something Unexpectedly Nice


Everyone gets birthday gifts on their birthday, but why not surprise your friend with a gift when it’s not their birthday? Or maybe show up and clean their bathroom for them. Even saying something nice out of the blue works!

Tip #4 Forgive Often

People do stupid stuff all the time. Offer the same forgiveness as you want for yourself. If you messed up, wouldn’t you want someone to forgive you as if it never happened? Offer that to your friends, family, and spouse and you will live a much happier life!

Tip #5 Keep it Real


If you want a better relationship, be real with people. Don’t be afraid to be yourself, let loose, and live a little bit. You may get burned here and there, but as long as you forgive often, you’ll have much deeper connections for it. Don’t hide behind a wall all the time.

Remember to Think Sweet!

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