Your Mind Changes Your Body

Your mind is a powerful weapon for you or against you. It’s all in how you choose to think. For some reason, negativity seems to amp itself up in our lives, and it’s hard to combat it with the good stuff. Problem is, when we let that yuck rule in our heads, it begins to physically change our genetic structure.


When you wrap yourself up in a toxic thought, the thought begins to get stronger and stronger, until it feels like it’s ruling over you. That’s because when you add fuel to a fire, it will get hotter and hotter and spread.

Think Sweet

By nature, it seems like we focus on the bad stuff. Bad news, someone else’s bad news, gossip, complaining, it becomes like a drug for some people. But what are those thoughts doing to your physical body? What are they doing for the state of your mind?

Kind Words

According to Doctor Caroline Leaf, when we begin to think toxic thoughts, it starts loosing chemical chaos through our entire body. It goes after our liver and begins to break down our immune system, so that we are more prone to illness. Check out what Doctor Caroline Leaf says here.

There are Physical Reasons to Think Sweet

As you go about your day today, grab a hold of a good thought and savor it, think about it, let it build peace in your heart toward the circumstance you’re facing today. Keep thinking sweet.

Remember to Think Sweet!

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