Fantasy Animals (Never before seen from The Jade Series)

I was flipping through some of my old notebooks and found some drawings I did for The Jade Series. So, I thought you guys may enjoy seeing some of them! My actual artist took some of my ideas and made them way better! But, it was fun all the same to draw them.


The she-Wolfinic’s eyes pierced the looming darkness. A maniacal laugh bounced off the shadowed trees and hit her full force like a rogue wind. Otsana crouched, a low, threatening growl reverberating in the back of her throat. Her claws protracted, digging into the soft soil beneath.

Otsana’s pic was almost scary! Eeesh! Here’s how she turned out from my illustrator.

Otsana and Shema300

A little milder, plus you get to see Shema! I love Shema so much!

The world of Jade has lots of animals. Here’s another one for you!


She opened her eyes and laughed as elkens danced around her, their white fur glistened, bodies blending into the swirling snow. Antlers that looked like skinny branches of a tree adorned their elegant heads, and their graceful legs were white roots that twisted and moved while they ran. Snowflakes fell around them, and the elkens’ mouths rose into the air to eat the glittering particles.

Here’s how it turned out.

Elken - Copy

I had so much fun creating new creatures!

My doghin kept changing around in my head. Here’s some ideas I was throwing around as I drew them.

doghin 3

doghin 4




As you can see I liked drawing the doghin.

He approached the open square, Zare children with white and streaks of colored hair bolted across the streets. They chased each other, their jubilant calls ringing back and forth.

Doghins, an animal with spotted, short fur, an elongated nose, multiple long fuzzy ears, and yellow eyes that shimmered, raced behind them nipping at their heels.

Here’s the actual drawing for the book.


This drawing never got put in the book. It’s called a kelpso. 


She crept toward a tall shella tree, her tail swishing in anticipation. The creature was covered entirely in spikes, except the tail, which was covered in thick scales, and the underbelly was soft. Otsana saw precisely how to flip her dinner. The kelpso wandered from around the corner of a cluster of trees. Its bulging eyes were distracted by the wind sprites that flitted around it.

I hope you enjoyed my pictures!

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