WIP Zombie Central: Essie

Hi guys! I’m here to give you some more sneak peeks into my book: Zombie Central.

Meet Essie


Essie is the only girl who practices at Lee’s shooting range. She’s a bit “scary” and none of the boys make her angry. According to Lee, she’s a better shooter than he is! Essie’s real name is not Essie, and Lee always has a hard time remembering her “real” name.


The boy’s call her “Essie” which is short for estrogen, but she’d probably murder them if she heard them call her that.

I’ve really liked adding Essie to the story.

Here’s a snip bit of my book: Zombie Central

I hesitantly walked out of my office and back to where Cleo was sitting. When I got out there, I nearly choked on my own spit. Essie was leaning over, talking to her, a kind expression on her face. Now I’ve entered the zombie apocalypse, because I’ve seen it all. Essie was the kind of girl who had more balls than a guy. She also could shoot a gun ten times better than me. That was hard to swallow. I hovered over them like a freaking weirdo until Essie looked up.

“What?” she snapped at me, her choppy, short, black hair looked like she’d just rolled out of bed.

“Ugh. Sorry. Just seeing if you guys are okay.” I think I should just tiptoe away from this.

“We’re fine, Lee. Having a girl talk. Go away,” Essie said, her expression scaring the crap out of me. Making Essie mad was a bad idea.

“I’m okay,” Cleo said, and wiped her nose on her sleeve. I felt completely out of my league here, so I just turned and walked the other direction. A few minutes later, some girl showed up from Lunk’s Feeling Center and took Cleo with her. I found myself distracted after they left. I kept wondering if Cleo was okay. After my tenth crappy shot, I holstered my gun, rubbing my temples with the tips of my fingers. Stop it! I told myself, walking out of the room with a frustrated sigh. I spotted Essie but she completely ignored me. Where did that burst of motherly love come from?


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