WIP Zombie Central: Lunk

Meet Lunk

He is one of the oldest character in my book Zombie Central. This guy rubs my main character Lee the wrong way all the time.


After Lee has a mental breakdown two years past, Charles (aka Lunk) moves in with him. His job in Zombie Central is to help kids with their feelings. Pretty much a shrink. I’ve really enjoyed writing Lunk and Lee’s dialogue, because half the time Lee wants to strangle him. Lee never calls Charles by his real name. Ever since he’s met him, he’s been: Lunk Head, or Lunk for short.

iStock-Zombie-womanLee keeps his zombie mom on a chain in their living room, and Lunk is constantly trying to get Lee to let her go. He’s pretty unsuccessful at this, and just seems to annoy Lee even more.

Here’s a snip of my book Zombie Central:

Lunk grinned at me. He of course was a morning person.

“Good morning, sunshine.” Lunk’s lanky frame took up my door, but I still somehow managed to shove him out of the way as I left my room.

“If you call me, sunshine one more time, you won’t have any fingers left.” I walked into the kitchen, rubbing my eyes.

“Noted,” Lunk said and poured himself a cup of tea.

“Did you at least make coffee?” I said. He rubbed his forehead with the back of his hand.

“It’s brewing as we speak.” He took a dainty drink of his tea. He’s such a pansy. “Did you dream about your mom again,” Lunk asked.

Instantly every part of my body bristled. “Don’t analyze me,” I said in a growl. I hated when he did that.

“Talking about your feelings is a good thing. Your mom wouldn’t want your emotional state stunted.”

“Shut it,” I said and grabbed the coffee pot before it had finished brewing. I somehow managed to get some coffee into a mug, spilling half of it on the counter. Like I said. Mornings suck for me. I heard something between a groan and a growl and stuck my head around the corner of the kitchen. My mom stared at me, her cloudy eyes, drooping skin, and rotting body a constant reminder of my life. My mom’s a zombie.

I hope you enjoyed my update on Zombie Central!

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