Stop Acting like a 2-year-old


Stop Acting like a 2-year-old

We all do it. Throw something across the room, scream at something that’s unfair in our life, or just pout. I know I have. Admit it—you have too.

Do you ever notice the same “issues” tend to come up in our lives? We usually start screaming and yelling, blaming everyone else for the same crap that comes at us. But why? Why does the exact same things happen again?

Judgments happen

What is that supposed to mean? Let me tell you a quick story about myself. When I was roughly 6-years-old my parents and our youth group were going to Florida for a trip. Now—at this age I had a Teddy Bear called Brownie who was my best friend.

 I forgot him

I wanted my parents to go back and get him and we couldn’t do it. Then—a judgment happened. I thought: my parents don’t care about what I care about. Fast forward to the present age. I was in the shower one day and I distinctly heard God say, “Your parents care about what you care about.” When He said that, I suddenly started bawling and said, “It doesn’t feel like it, God.” Then He brought back this memory of me in the van crying because we couldn’t go get my bear.

 What judgments are you carrying?

When we make a judgment like this, we literally put blinders on our eyes. Once God walked me through a process of forgiveness and helping me with that, I began to suddenly ‘see’ and ‘hear’ all the support my family had been giving me over the years.

 We call them Mountains

You will continue to see through the eyes of that judgment and just keep traveling around and around until you ask the Holy Spirit to help you see the truth.

 It’s not an instant fix

I have seen so many Christians get deep offense because of judgments that they’ve made against a parent or someone else. They think it’s the person’s fault and that everyone is out to get them. They don’t realize that they are blinded by judgments they have made.

 We see Green as Purple

In my book of Illustrated Sermons and my Inspirational book I give an illustration of a Mom who told their kid get that the color green is purple. You go through your entire life seeing green as purple, even though it’s obviously wrong—and everyone else sees green.

 Do you notice a pattern in your life?

Stop exhausting yourself and ask the Holy Spirit to show you the truth about the lies you believe. Stop getting offended at everyone and start asking God to bring your heart to a place of complete truth!


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