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Money Talks

I have been reading a book that was recommended to me called Rich Church Poor Church. This book has started to completely transform the way I’ve been thinking for the last 31 years.

Back Story

I grew up in a family that had just barely “enough” and at times not even that. My dad worked at a low-paying job in a little city, and while I never knew we didn’t have much money as a kid, it was there. Both of my parents were raised by poverty-stricken families as well.  When my family moved from our tiny little city to a larger city, that’s when stuff started happening.

Poverty Keeps you in Fear

My dad and mom had gotten hired to be youth pastors when we moved, and roughly three months later, they lost the pay. The church had lost over 100 people and could no longer afford to pay them as youth leaders.

Poverty makes you  hang onto what you have

As a kid the stress of money began to hit me. I knew my parents were now in need, and I watched them struggle, go to food pantries, and do whatever they had to, to keep our family running.

I Stopped Asking

I started to stop asking for anything. I never really did much before, but now I got angry when my brother asked for money from them. I took on their burden. I didn’t want to see my family in need even greater.

What does this have to do with Rich Church Poor Church?

Everything. With the help of this book, as well as another one called Switch on your Brain, I began to train my thoughts to start thinking different. I’ve never felt like my life has been successful in anything. I’ve never had great need as an adult because I have a job, but I’ve never taken risks with money either. I began to cling to everything I had.

Proverbs 11:24-26

24 There is one who scatters, yet increases more;
And there is one who withholds more than is right,
But it leads to poverty.
25 The generous soul will be made rich,
And he who waters will also be watered himself.
26 The people will curse him who withholds grain,
But blessing will be on the head of him who sells it.

Poverty doesn’t Give

Fear and poverty are brothers. Twin brothers. Why? Because people who walk in fear of giving, of scattering, as this scripture said, will be in poverty. The generous soul will be made rich. Why?

A Rich Heart has No Fear

As a child, I had fear that my family would always be in need. So, I clung to every dime, every penny, and made sure that I never asked for anything. This is a complete and utter poverty mentality. It wasn’t even my parents who were saying, “No! We don’t have money for this!” It was me! Saying, “No! They can’t give to me!”

Do you think God is withholding?

I did for a long time. I’m not rolling in the dough, but I’m allowing the Holy Spirit to help me walk in Faith and not in Fear about money anymore.

Grace Speaks J. E. Ayers


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