How to Keep this Generation’s attention

What Did You Say?

How to Keep this Generation’s Attention


Everyone has a smart phone.

Well duh. Even ten-year-olds have one now a day. You can hand my 3-year-old nephew a phone, and he’ll find games on it faster than me! He probably could find the button to get new games on that thing!

Q: Why does this generation needs something visual?

Everyday kids, teens, and adults alike are flooded with media. It’s an endless stream of white, visual-noise, that is striving for their attention. Focus people!

It’s hard, right? Right now, you’re just aching to grab your phone and tweet, or Facebook, or do something to keep your brain going 100 miles per hour!

Gotta give them something to look at—something to do

I don’t know if this is a real fact—I’ve never really looked it up, but I remember hearing something awhile back. There are 3 ways to learning.

  • Sight.
  • Action.
  • Sound.

What happens when you plop a 15-year-old kid in front of someone who is talking to them—just talking for an hour? ADD on all levels. They will be on Facebook in roughly five minutes. I’m guilty. I’ve done it.

Why? Why can’t we just listen?

I wish I could find the source of info I found ages ago about this—but I’ve just seen it work, so I know it’s true. The best way to get people to pay attention and learn, is to let them do something—and see something.
This is why when I preach, I bring toys and candy. I emphasize my point with media, props, toys, candy—real life examples!

This is what Jesus did

Don’t believe me? Just read your Bible! Jesus told parables. What is that you say? That’s a story! Jesus sat people down and talked to them about a farmer farming, a dude who found a treasure in a field, and multiple other ones! Why did Jesus do that?

  • He knew that people had a short attention span.
  • He wanted people to relate with what He was saying.
How can we reach them?

Bring a prop! Bring an example that people can relate with. Get them to move around, drag them up front and have them act out something you are doing. This is how we’re going to get our media-driven brains to respond. We need to be active.

  • Instead of complaining how we can’t hold anyone’s attention, we gotta ask ourselves why?
  • Let’s pull out the candy, stories, and toys and reach those who are swiping away at their smart phones.

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