WIP Paxton Clark Series

I started a tiny Facebook story ages ago about a man who could hear thoughts. Of course, me being me, decided that Paxton Clark’s story needed to be told.

Paxton is a wealthy man, who looks like he has it together, except for under the surface he’s tormented. Thoughts. Noise. Endless Chaos. When he’s faced with an offer, to end the torment, he has to make a dark choice.

This is a picture of how I imagine Paxton. This is owned by Shutterstock, but is the closest I can find to him.


Paxton is a billionaire.

Paxton has hidden himself from the world, and decides he’s going to try to start living again.

Enter Jane

Jane is 29, working at a local coffee shop, and has a mother who won’t leave her alone. When Paxton orders a coffee, she slips her number on the back of his receipt. Jane is my favorite part of this story! Her lovable, funny personality gets you laughing.


Here’s a picture of how I’d think Jane would look.

An average girl and a billionaire who can you read minds. I’m excited to release the Paxton Clark series, but I’m writing all three books at the same time! I hope you guys enjoy a snip of my new book.

Snip of the book: 

    He slammed into the coffee shop, the jingle of the bell above, a relief compared to the constant chatter. The girl at the counter looked up immediately at his approach. She smiled at him, her cheeks flushing. His eyes flickered to the menu that was high above her head. He needed caffeine to get him through today. He ignored the girl who couldn’t seem to keep her eyes off of him. He tried to think what would be strong enough for him to survive until his get-together was over. He was meeting a woman here at three o’clock. He knew she would arrive precisely three minutes passed three. He didn’t understand how his mind picked up on snip bits of the future, like tiny flashes in time unzipped for him to peer at.

“I’ll take a shot in the dark with two extra shots,” he said with a deep tone. The girl’s brown eyes widened slightly. He noticed that she’d buttoned her shirt wrong and her makeup looked like she’d rushed out the door.

“You must need one big wake up call,” she said, and a nervous smile tilted her lips.

“Something like that,” he said and his voice sounded more like a growl.

“You from around here?” she asked as she began to make his drink. The machine whirled, covering up the annoyance of people’s thoughts for a brief second. He drew in a ragged breath of relief.

“Yes,” he said.

“You a regular?” she asked.

    I just need my coffee, he thought but didn’t want to appear rude.

“Yes,” he said again. The girl finished up his drink and handed it to him. With it she handed him his receipt with something scrawled on the back of it. This wasn’t the first time a girl had given him her number. He ignored the gesture, grabbed his coffee, and sat down. The girl was watching him, so he shoved the receipt in his pocket. The café wasn’t overly busy, but still the noise seemed worse today.


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