Zombie Book

I’m a Walking Dead fan, and thought writing a zombie book would be fun. I’m trying to keep it kid friendly, so there hasn’t really been a lot of zombies in it just yet. I am seriously in love with my main character Lee. He is based off my husband, so that makes perfect sense right?

  • Everyone over the age of 18 is now a zombie. Kids are running the world rather smoothly. At least where Lee lives.

I love starting a random story, just to distract myself from my current WIP. I heard Lee start talking and I knew I instantly liked this guy!


 Here’s a picture of how I think Lee would look like.

Snip of my book:

    Crack! I bit into a sunflower seed, sucking away the salt on the outer shell, cracking it open, and spitting it onto the floor in front of Lunk. He glowered at me as I did one after another. It was my house; I could spit on the floor if I wanted to. I heard my mom groan in the room beyond, but I figured she wouldn’t care if I made a mess today. I felt pms-ey.

“It’s just one hour, come on, it’s good for you,” Lunk pleaded with me the moment I walked back into the kitchen for a snack. I shoveled another couple seeds into my mouth. Crack! Crack! I spat the shells on the floor, doing my best to ignore Lunk.

“What about Talyor, Lee? Would you come if she was there?” he asked. He looked like a desperate freak.

“I don’t give a spit if some stupid girl is at your Feelings Meeting. I’m not going.” Crack! I spat again, nearly hitting Lunk’s feet.

“I swear, you act like a little girl,” Lunk said, his face turning slightly red. “I’m just trying to help you!”

“I’m fine.” I looked beyond Lee. He’s probably right. I always sucked at that ‘feelings’ thing.

“You need to unwind, or this thing is going to make you break down again.”

    Thanks for the reminder that I snapped like a psychopath.

Lee is 15 and took over his father’s shooting range. This kid is awesome.


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